Nadine Gordimer murió el 13 de Julio

Este artículo sólo lo tenemos en inglés… así practicáis 😀

On July 13th., Nadine Gordimer, South African Nobel laureate for literature, fighter against apartheid,racial inequality, political oppression and sexual unease died.

Her life, experiences and writing spanned over ninety years.Stephen Sackur’s interview on BBC’s Hard Talk , is said to show » a compelling insight into her country’s troubled past and complex future«.

You can further enjoy lots of articles  on her via BBC, Google and Youtube, listen to the clarity of her voice and political and literary arguments in them an discover some of the motivitation behind and the keys to her very personal yet international writings.

Into the bargain,your reading, listening and critical appreciation in English will benefit.
Have a good time!


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