The Photograph

The photograph.


Last week an original photograph of a colorful woodpecker with a weasel perched on its back seemingly lovingly hugging its neck was published around the world: a tender and unusual scene.

But then, several well-known figures posted on internet pictures of themselves with the two creatures posed on top of their heads.It was suggested that the original photograph was not original at all but had been mounted by using photoshop.

This was followed by the revelation that the source of the photograph had been that a weasel had jumped on a woodpecker’s back and tried to bite its neck. So, to save itself, the bird took off in flight and shook the weasel off: not an image of opposites attracting but of the predator and its prey.

How easy it is to throw us into complete confusion! Who is the predator and who the prey when it comes to communication?

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