Diferentes usos de la palabara shit (mierda) en inglés.

Una palabra tan sencilla como shit (mierda) en inglés, puede tener muchísimos significados, muchos de ellos totalmente opuestos, según se use. Como esto es algo que pocas veces te enseñarán en clase, pero que coloquialmente se usa mucho, hoy os explicamos algunos usos de esta palabra.

Lo primero indicar que no es buena idea, nunca lo es, traducir directamente. Oyes a alumnos diciendo “the weather is a shit“, traducción de “el tiempo es una mierda” pero esta MAL en inglés. En este caso se usa como adjetivo: “the weather is shit” sería la traducción correcta.

Os dejamos los usos:

  • Shit (original use) = Faeces, poop. Eg: There is some dog shit on the pavement.
  • To be a shit = to be bad at somethig. Eg: She is a shit driver.
  •  The shit = top quality. Eg. This band is the shit. I love how they play.
  • To have a shit = the act of releasing solid waste from the bowels. Eg. I went to the bathroom to have a shit.
  • A piece of shit = an awful thing or person. Eg. This car/person is a piece of shit.
  • To know your shit = to have extended knowledge of a particular subject. Eg: This doctor really knows his shit.
  • Full of shit = when some lies or exaggerates stories. Eg: There is no way you dated that girl, you are full of shit.
  • To be good shit = when something you can consume is good quality. Eg: This wine is good shit, we’ll have to buy another bottle.
  • Scare the shit out of someone = really frighten someone. Eg: Make more noise! You just scared the shit out of me!
  • No shit = expression which shows surprise. Eg: Peter: “I got a 10/10 on the exam.” John: “No shit!”
  • Shit happens =It means some things are inevitable.
  • When the shit hits the fan =a  situation which is going to cause trouble. Eg: I don’t want to be there when the shit hits the fan.
  • A shithole = an unpleasant place to be in. Eg: This room is a shithole.
  • To get your shit together = To organise yourself. Eg: John, stop forgetting appointments. Get your shit together.
  • To be in deep shit = to be in trouble. Eg: When we get back home, we are going to be in deep shit for breaking that window.
  • To be scared shitless = similar to scare the shit out of someone. Eg: I was scared shitless when I flew on that helicopter.
  • Not give a shit = to have no interest. Eg: I don’t give a shit who is playing today.
  • Tough shit = there’s nothing you can do. Eg: My car broke down. Tough shit!
  • Holy shit = shows surprise. Eg: Holy shit! Did you see that?
  • Get shit from someone = receive unfair treatment. Eg: Peter gets a lot of shit form his boss.
  • Take shit from someone = receive offense or criticism Eg: I don’t take (any) shit from anyone.
  • Talk a load of shit = to talk rubbish. Eg.: She talks a load of shit.
  • Piece of shit = loathsome individual. Eg: He is a piece of shit.
  • You ain’t shit = dominance. Eg: You ain’t shit!

And many more…. I hope you’ve liked this shit! 😀



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