Cambios en los exámenes de FCE y CAE desde Enero 2015

Change in the Cambridge FCE and CAE exams from January 2015!

As from January 2015 the Cambridge exam board are continuing with a raft of changes tnews-65344__180hat started with the Proficiency exam earlier this year. This time it is the turn of the First Certificate and Advanced exams, which are to undergo some changes to format, content and structure. Although these changes are not major, it does mean that some parts (Reading, Writing, Speaking etc.) are altering slightly, either in content and approach, or in the amount of time allowed to complete them.

As always our teachers are keeping up-to-date by attending relevant training courses to ensure that their knowledge and class preparation develops with the content of the exams themselves. This helps US to remain on top of our preparation classes and helps YOU to achieve the highest marks possible in your exams!

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